I wasn't sure what to fully expect going into my first ayahuasca retreat. I had heard everything from "You're going to see demons and talk to the devi...View Details

Men can inadvertently become fickle and reactionary when they begin the journey of "emotional health". Today we talk about the primary ways your emoti...View Details

There are several well-intended men who slowly lose themselves in a relationship. They do all they can to "love" the other person, not realizing their...View Details

The holiday season is normally chaulked full of festivities that create life-long memories. They are a time to be thankful, celebrate, and share with ...View Details

As men, we've all felt like a fraud at some point but did you know it could actually be a positive thing? I'm not talking about hiding behind false hu...View Details

We all have this inner voice that tries to give us an out from taking responsibility, confronting our shortcomings, and embracing our greatness... it'...View Details

Jim Rohn famously said you are the sum of your five closest friends. Hopefully, you are choosing to surround yourself with individuals who are willing...View Details

The fact that Social Media and "screen time" creates a damaging internal ripple effect is nothing new. What's different about The Social Dilemma is th...View Details

Don't be one of the many men who are able to articulate their inner world but not have a clue how to live from it in a healthy way. It's nothing more ...View Details

This week's Three Minute Thought we talk about how pursuing emotional health can have the best of intentions but accidentally lead to a deep sense of ...View Details

We have been taught to fear what we don't understand and that truth can easily be found when you start talking about psychedelics. It's much harder to...View Details

Vulnerability has become a trendy word in the last few years but still manages to be something that eludes most men. There's a reason we avoid it like...View Details

Dreams should be an intricate part of our daily lives. They speak to us, guide us, and lead us into the life we are meant to have. In part two of our ...View Details

No, we're not talking about how to grow a garden today. We're talking about the principles of pruning and how applying them to your life can significa...View Details

Understanding Dreams - Our first series! It's proven that sleep (or lack thereof) can drastically affect almost every area of your life. Much like mas...View Details

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